Why Aluminium?

Why Aluminium?

Extreme Boats are high quality aluminium boats that look just as good as any fibreglass boat on the market today. This gives you the strength and durability of an alloy boat combined with flowing lines and a professional finish that will ensure you have the best looking boat on the water.

We are extremely proud of the overall construction strength of all our boats. Not only do they look great, but the hull performance and structural strength is second-to-none. While most of our competitors use thin 3mm aluminium extensively, Extreme Boats use only the highest grade aluminium with a minimum thickness of 4mm. All structure is fully welded, all buoyancy and fuel tanks are pressurized and certified, and aluminium sheet certification can be verified.

The Extreme Boat hull design provides excellent stability and unmatched performance in the most challenging of seas. A predictable boat that you can feel confident and comfortable in. You can complement the standard features with a wide range of optional extras to make sure you get a boat custom fitted to your requirements.

We are confident that you will find our boat design, construction practices, quality of finish and on-sea performance to be second to none. Our boats boast fine entry for high-speed head sea performance, while retaining a high chine with full shoulder and wide beam for excellent sea-handling and amazing stability.

Whether you are a serious fisherman or your family loves weekend boating, we have the boat for you.

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